Easter jewellery

While I was at The London Zoo for the first time ever with my boyfriend I discovered a fantastic jewellery designer Bill Skinner. You might know him from his famous honeycombs and bee work which is just fantastic, in the spirit of Easter I have chosen to show you guys his bunny, rabbit and floral bluebird pieces which are just as enticing.






















I just love this last one, the chain length is perfect.

Hope you have all had a great Easter break and eaten wayyyyy too much chocolate 😊 I know I have! See you soon!

All images http://billskinnerstudio.co.uk

OOTD: Daisy Days

In the spirit if spring I have gone out of my comfort zone and gone for florals.


The smock style dress (Urban Outfitters) has a great shape to it, the lose casual cut makes me feel a lot more comfortable with the pattern and the black base colour and button fastenings dilutes what can be overbearing femininity of floral dresses.



I coupled the dress with a sheer blouse, razor style earrings (& other stories) and belt (H&M) to differentiate the look a bit more.

Hopefully the weather will warm up a bit and I can wear less layers in my next OOTD! It’s times like this I envy you guys in more warmer climates 😒

Grey and yellow nails

As promised earlier on Instagram here is the tutorial to my grey and yellow mani 😊

Step 1:

Paint grey base colour on all but one nail (I used Models Own – Grey Day). On the accent nail paint the yellow base colour (I used Rimmel – 280 Sunshine).

Step 2:

Position striping tape on the nail where you want the yellow to show. Make sure to leave ends sticking out! You will be grabbing these ends to remove the tape later.

Step 3:

Once positioned paint the grey over the nail and the tape and allow to dry.

Step 4:

Paint a top coat over all the nails once dry. I used Essie Matte About You.

Step 5:

Peal of the striping tape to reveal the yellow underneath! And that’s it your done!

I love this manicure it might actually be one of my favourites. Grey is always such a sophisticated colour and this particular polish has a rugged concrete feel to it when coupled with a matte topcoat which is just a bit different. I spent way to long deciding what colour to pair it with (lime green and orange where some serious contenders) but I felt the yellow and grey was just the perfect reflection of an English spring, cloudy with partial sunshine. ⛅️

Sporty Spring OOTD

As promised I’m back 😄 and I thought I would share with all you lovely people one of my favourite looks right now. Of course I’m talking about sports lux and it is perfect for spring.




The silk blouse (yes dry-clean only) is from & Other Stories. I can’t get enough of the chessboard detail across the shoulders. This store was only launched recently, part of the H&M group so naturally I’m a fan. Its a bit more expensive but they have some really unique pieces and do great beauty products and accessories!

The skirt is Uniqlo. This tennis style skirt has an elastic stead waist and comes in a range of colours. It can be worn with almost anything and is so comfy and light you won’t even know it’s there. A great piece to update your wardrobe for spring.

Hope you guys are all enjoying the sun, see you soon!

I’m back!

So apologies for being MIA for the past few weeks unfortunately my Staffordshire Bull Terrier Duncan lost his battle against cancer in the same week as my exam and coursework deadlines.

This is just a quick post to let all you lovely people know I’ve not forgotten you and I will be back with my usual posts by next week.

3 models you should know about if you don’t already

Hi guys, this post is going to be about my three favourite models that I feel are making waves in the modelling (and fashion) world for ALL the right reasons. Three beautiful people, three beautiful stories.

1) Ines Rau

Ines Rau is a French Amazonian goddess. She’s got legs to die for and skin that looks like chocolate. She also has this uniquely beautiful but fashionable face that exudes glamour and a raw, exotic confidence. Oh, and she’s featured in The “Art” Issue of Playboy, a national campaign for Barneys in the US, and a steamy shoot with heartthrob Tyson Beckford. But what makes Ines Rau special, you may ask? Well, she’s transgender. And the fashion industry are soaking up her mysterious and unbelievable history. I can guarantee you will be seeing a lot more of this controversial beauty this year if you’re not familiar with her previous work.





2) Daphne Selfe

Daphne Selfe makes the cut in this post because she’s proved herself as a model and as a fantastic, inspiring senior woman. You may recognise this beautiful face from campaigns such as Dolce & Gabbana, in which she held her own next to much younger models. She has been named the World’s Oldest Supermodel for her achievements and for her unique look in an arguably oppressive industry which has standards of models being younger, thinner and taller than the average woman. Daphne is by no means average, but truly breaks this mould. She was also featured in a Channel 4 documentary called Fabulous Fashionistas, which I would highly recommend you watch. All round, Daphne is a wonderful, inspiring woman with a timeless class and sophistication and an air that she has nothing to prove to anyone, but a point she is proving anyway.





3) Alek Wek

Alek Wek is fierce. She has possibly the darkest celebrated skin on any global supermodel. Her South Sudanese heritage is what makes her special. In a predominantly white industry where women her colour are often deemed “too dark” (ridiculous) she has smashed down walls and flaunted the skin she was born to have in the face of anyone who has ever told her she couldn’t. She makes me proud and excites me because it’s people like Alek who can really make a change in these industries. It’s refreshing to have a model who looks completely different to everyone else. Alek has worked with Vogue, Elle, Victoria’s Secret, i-D, the list goes on. I’m sure you’ll recognise her work, but this model is someone who deserves true credit for their achievements and definitely shouldn’t be overlooked.





As usual, I’ve got carried away. But I hope I’ve educated you and you’ve found my post as wonderful to read as it was to write. I suppose the main thing I’m trying to say is that these women are inspiring me to do what I want to do because they did it, so why can’t I? Maybe take a minute to think about what’s standing in between you and what you want to achieve? Just food for thought. Until next time, have a lovely rest of week everyone!


Moschino’s got the munchies at Milan Fashion Week

Jeremy Scott, the recently appointed creative director of Moschino is having a party. Literally. At Milan Fashion Week we all got to party with Moschino in the land of opportunity. And what’s wrong with a little party? After all what is fashion for if it’s not having fun and making a bit of a scene?

Party stage 1: Prinks










Beers and snacks. Seems pretty perfect to me. You are what you eat never looked so good.

Party stage 2: In Da Club











Obviously to party you’ve got to show a bit of skin, hell, why not just go out in your underwear and a big fur coat? If you’ve got it flaunt it right? The vibe was urban 90’s with a few nods to the iconic Moschino belt here and there…just a few. Inevitably any outfit that is more than 50% belts tends to look a bit gothic but the gold logos brought it back to the streets. Word.

Party stage 3: Midnight McMunchies





Don’t give me that look. We all do it. You’ve had a long night, your cold, your hungry, they are 24hr and you get free stuff with a student card…and it’s delicious. Thank god they don’t deliver or I would develop a serious habit.

Party stage 4: Cartoons




What goes better with the munchies than cartoons?! Isn’t that what they are designed for? No one can deny sponge bob is the funniest sponge they know.

Party stage 5: The I Do’s…?

Ok maybe my metaphors is a bit laboured here, I guess it could be a Vegas party? Either way be sure to check the nutritional content of your bride! Don’t wanna get bloated.

If you haven’t seen the show it’s a must even if fashion doesn’t interest you in the slightest this will be something you will remember and no doubt tell people about. Surely that alone means it’s a success right? As for the actual pieces, I love the sweetie section, bit disappointed smarties didn’t feature but I will just have to move on. Mcdonalds the food? Yum. Mcdonalds the bag…I’m not loving it (couldn’t resist sorry), although I did enjoy the cash cow jackets. Very funny Mr Scott. The 90’s flashback…well compared to the rest it was pretty standard wasn’t it? Makes people who where one Moschino belt look pretty noncommittal. All joking aside if you look past the logos and the humour they are some really well designed and produced pieces. The dresses in particular are beautifully cut and boast stunning silhouettes and shapes, just watch the bride run back down the catwalk and tell me that dress doesn’t seem like a good idea after seeing it move.

photos from InStyle

Bora Aksu LFW AW14 backstage

I was lucky enough to be helping at Bora Aksu backstage at LFW AW14! Very exciting. The pieces where truly amazing, even more so when you are up close and can see all the amazing detail!




































Photos from vogue

Obviously the entire collection is simply beautiful so I will only comment on a few of my most favourite details.

The sequins underneath the mesh. What could epitomise sports lux more? The detail was exceptional and the effect was worth it as the pieces glinted playfully down the catwalk as the sequins peeked from behind the mesh.

The knitted socks. Regulars (hello :)) will know I am a fan of visible socks sticking out from the top of booties or brashly imposing with heels, so this was a dream. The knitted socks were layered on top of standard black socks and paired with a variety of heels. Something I will definitely be using as inspiration!

Finally the combination of textures. Pony skin, leather, silk, netting, crochet…I could go on. Textures were panelled, contrasted and emphasised. Again the attention to detail was astounding, the patterns and stitching lined up with awe inducing precision. These clothes not only begged to be worn but touched!

My favourite piece…I can only narrow it down the the blues…but then the greys are good to…and the reds…

H&M LFW windows

We are all excited for Friday for obvious reasons…fashion week!!! O yh it’s valentines day as well apparently…

When on my way to Uni yesterday I walked past H&M on regent street who have decided to celebrate LFW with a variety of outfits styled by fellow (admittedly much better) bloggers.

Personally I love them all :)

I love the pop of colour the skirt adds here, I’m always a fan of grey coupled with a bright colour, it seems to simultaneously tone down and provide a point of contrast bringing out the colour further. The neat collar adds more sophistication to counteract the vibrant orange. And as my regulars will know I’m a keen supporter of visible ankle socks.

I can’t get enough of the banana sweater, might just have to treat myself in fact. The skirt has a timeless feel to it, monochrome seems to always make a comeback in one form or another, often it can be a bit MONOCHROME!!! but this skirt casually utters.

The cute little pleated skirt here has tennis undertones but the black keeps the prepometor in check. It does appear to be short hence the patterned leggings I suppose, while I’m not a patterned leggings girl there is a sense of necessity here unless your particularly body confident.

I apologise for the picture quality here as it is particularly bad, the black skirt and top created a kind of mirror… The jacket/coat is clear to see, how could you miss it! It’s one of those things I will toy with buying but likely chicken out at the last minute…it doesn’t help that my grandmother has curtains in literally the exact same fabric…The look screams elegant but edgy which surely is the aim of most successful ensembles so perhaps I should cut up my grandmothers curtains and make myself a jacket!

All in all I’m torn between La Petite Anglaise and Susie’s creations as my favourites :)

My YO! Sushi Masterclass

Happy Thursday, folks. This post is going to be a little off topic, but I considered it an experience worthy of a post and really wanted to write a review. This is my review on a sushi-making cooking class with fast food sushi chain Yo! Sushi.

Sushi is, in my opinion, the most cool, quick, delicious, fashionable food a person can eat. If you haven’t tried it because you “don’t like raw fish”, I’d first like for you to consider vegetarian options with peppers, cucumbers or any other vegetables. Secondly, I would like for you to consider the option of a Chicken Teriyaki or a beef recipe filling. Sushi isn’t just for the Japanese or more adventurous eaters and foodies (hi) out there. There are creations for everyone and surprisingly, it was easier to make than it seems.

This cooking class was a gift from my boyfriend for Christmas because
1) we are both avid sushi lovers
2) Yo! Sushi had a festive deal on for £50 for two people
So, naturally, it had to be done. I mention the Christmas deal because it actually worked out as us eating and making over £25 worth of sushi each, all the while learning how to make it ourselves. It was a complete bargain, and a great learning experience. We decided to take the class in the nearest Yo! Sushi to me – Eden Shopping Centre, High Wycombe.

The class started a little slow, the teacher a little nervous and shy. As we got past the dull parts, such as how to use the Japanese cooking knife (I don’t know) to cut salmon correctly, we then learned about the rice, the sea weed and the ingredients. The next part of the lesson was based on the various techniques of how to roll sushi, basic ideas for garnishing, and which combinations work best together. These were the parts that I found the most fun to do with my boyfriend, and it was good to have a hands-on instructor demonstrating every step of the way. He would help us if we were going wrong at all and go at the speed of the slowest person in the group (definitely not me..) so there was time for everyone to catch up before moving on to the next step.

There were six of us in the class – me and my boyfriend, two women in their 40’s who seemed to be there for a girls night, and a mother and daughter. Although we pretty much kept ourselves to ourselves, it was something all of seemed to enjoy regardless of our age or what kind of outing we were on. At the end of the class we were given a box to put our sushi in, as well as a big bottle of soy sauce used in the restaurant, some chopsticks, and some sachets of ginger and wasabi. We also got step-by-step leaflets on the different sushi rolls we’d created in the lesson. Overall a fun, light hearted evening, a bargain, and a skill building experience that was perfect for beginners.

Until next time, stay kawaii!










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